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High quality, precision, detail: these are the foundations from which we begin our work both in original designs and custom pieces. Making handcrafted furniture to last multiple lifetimes means blending the beauty of traditional joinery with the most modern techniques and tools, resulting in heirloom pieces infused with their own history. Our pieces continue the story of our local ecosystem; no two trees are alike and every furniture piece is implicitly unique.


DRD customers don’t simply receive beautifully handcrafted furniture – they are given the opportunity to assist in the creation of their very own, personalized story. Every piece of urban wood that we produce has a rich history with a revived future. It’s in our DNA to build a relationship with our clients in the early planning stages so their vision can become a reality in the final product.

Our process typically kicks off with a 1-on-1 conversation in order for our team to get an idea about the needs, vision, and goals of your specific project. We then begin talking through more functional aspects, like your personal style and the dimensions of the space. These collaborations are both creative and detailed in nature to help capture all the possibilities and narrow down the essence of the custom piece itself.

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Even after we've begun working on your custom piece, we'll keep you in the loop with the progress of your project. We may even coordinate a personal delivery to your home and install the piece ourselves depending on your location and how complex it may be. 

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