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Our designs are fundamentally custom. Custom-designed, custom-built, custom-fitting to your exact needs. We thrive on creating pieces you'll never see in big brand stores. That's why we involve our clients throughout the entire process. We encourage you to help choose the perfect wood type, exact sizing details, even the specific metal-design frame to compliment your home or office. If you can dream it, we can make it. 

 Here is a look at the Deadwood Revival Design custom process:

Give us a call or leave us a message and we will answer every question you have and tell you all about what makes Deadwood Revival Design so unique.

We can even start brainstorming your project right on the spot!

Deadwood Thought Bubble.jpg
Deadwood Table Drawing.jpg

Next, we will get down to the details and help you determine the perfect measurements and dimensions for your piece.

Don't forget - you get your pick from a wide variety of woods-types and finishes too!

Deadwood Slabs.jpg

Don't miss that doorbell! it's Deadwood Revival Design at the door with a personal delivery of your custom item.

Deadwood Delivery.jpg
Deadwood Tools.jpg

Now is the point of the process where our team of extremely talented woodworkers builds your

one-of-a-kind piece.

Deadwood Enjoy.jpg

Enjoy! Your beautiful custom piece was built from strategic design and superior materials - guaranteeing quality use for generations.

Lastly, remember that in an effort to help protect and restore ecosystems across

the US, Deadwood Revival Design donates a percentage of this sale to the "American ReLeaf" program, sponsored by American Forests to plant trees in areas that need it most.

Deadwood Give Back.jpg
Deadwood Custom Pepe.jpg
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