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Metal Hero



Our aesthetic and expertise incorporates steelwork where appropriate, a material with its own properties and histories. Integration of fabricated steel elements elicits a modern and industrial look with different elements of durability and application. Hand-crafting is about material knowledge, material choice, and material application: be it a stand, frame, base, fasteners, or any other element best executed in steel. 

Our commitment to our customers goes far beyond what big chains can offer. Just like with our striking wood designs, we aim to provide the same level of detail and beauty to our steel services. Our goal is to deliver the perfect balance between functionality for your space and a style that fits your personality and décor just right. So whether you’re looking for an elegant design with detailed etching and dynamic curves, or to make a statement with bold steel features, we have you covered. When you choose DRD, you become a partner in the creation of each distinct steel design.


We have a lot of pride at DRD – we care deeply about our community, our partners and the environment. Every action we take comes along with a sense of responsibility to ensure each of these groups’ benefits. Every single slab, bowtie, and steel element that is used in our furniture is designed, engineered and built using our hands in San Luis Obispo, California. We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to ensure the highest level of quality goes into our steel designs. That’s why so many DRD customers tout our work as being heirloom quality, with the hopes it will stay with their family for generations.

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