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Sawmill, Lumber & Drying


We offer custom milling services, resurfacing, kiln drying, and custom cut orders. Slabs and specific fine wood needs are among our specialties, be that of unique size and shape or standard dimensional lumber.


Additionally, DRD is at the forefront of evolving knowledge, technology, and education around urban wood, working with research scientists, higher education institutions, and government entities, holistically collaborating to innovate our specific industry. What this means is that our wood products are of the highest quality, cut and dried with the most modern techniques and equipment, and we are at the center of constant, continuous improvements in our areas of expertise.

Spanning from seed to sawdust, our partners in this process include local cities and communities, professional arborists, and homeowner/clients. By working together to divert these trees from the landfill they attain a second life. Urban lumber has character unlike any other: rich, vibrant, and highly specific. Each piece is unique and tells a story that people truly connect with. We honor these trees through our urban lumber production, furniture design and manufacture, and widely varied custom work. 

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Local trees have incredible, largely untapped value at the end of their life cycle. Current tree care resources and urban forestry practices rarely recognize the value in repurposing these trees into beautiful urban lumber. Even more rarely are they equipped to handle it, even when it’s recognized. Instead, this massive potential lumber source becomes waste, where in the hands of professionals it can transform into wood of the highest grade and quality, to nearly any dimension and specification a tree allows. When processed, sold, and utilized, the U.S. could contribute nearly 4 billion board feet annually to local economies, reduce expenses for communities, and provide a sustainable, renewable resource to beautify our homes and neighborhoods—all while reducing landfill biomass and carbon release.

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