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DRD Design Brand

About Us

Deadwood Revival Design | Passionate. Sustainable. Functional

We are a team of artisans who offer the highest quality products and services—be that furniture, a commercial buildout, or the perfect slab. Our attention to detail goes beyond craft and quality. We consider ourselves stewards of each and every raw piece of salvaged material that comes through our shop doors. We are creative caretakers of every finished piece, no matter the scale. 


At its very root, we believe in the biggest picture of our work and strive in the details to hold true to that. The story of our wood—which becomes your piece—is rich, complex, and spans time. It’s the story of carbon sequestration, soils and air, precipitation patterns and specific landscapes. Through our work, we are connected with both nature and each other.. All of our work is a collaboration with our clients, whether through the design of the perfect kitchen table, or an idea that together we build into a vision of interior design, evoking the feeling you need in your space.


5 Years Ago, DRD was conceived when a group of friends united around a shared passion: to create handcrafted furniture using lumber responsibly salvaged from local urban trees. Since that first day, we’ve built our company on the principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and education. There is immense diversity to the uses of urban lumber. In a time of immediacy and disposable culture, we hold fast to quality, durability, the process of handmade, purposely crafted art.

Repurposing urban wood maintains carbon sequestration and removes biomass from the waste stream while repurposing into unique, local wood products for construction, fine craftsmanship, the arts, and more.


We belong to a coalition of likeminded companies, individuals, and government agencies networked for the purpose of rescue and value recovery of trees after the end of their life cycle. In essence, we find and make new life for old trees.

DRD Remove

1. Salvage

Our team of experts partner with local tree services and homeowners to help keep logs out of landfills, sequestering carbon along the way.

Mill DRD

2. Sawmill

Outside of storing much of our lumber supply, our sawmill features some of the most modern sawmill machines available. There, we can cut, resurface, and dry our high-quality lumber for any use case you can dream of.


3. Transport

From the countryside to our mill or from our woodworking studio to your home - Deadwood Revival Design is a full-service shop, and we bring that customer service right up to your doorstep.

Catalog DRD

4. Catalog

We catalog our lumber in order to track-source trees, logs, individual slabs and dimensional lumber. This allows us to share tree history and track material from its initial source.


5. Dry

Propper drying is essential in the production of quality lumber. Our drying process is both science-based and comprehensive. We apply tried-and-true industry practices and use a state-of-the-art vacuum kiln. The result is the finest end product possible.

Repurpose DRD

6. Repurpose

Every furniture design process starts with an idea and, within about six to eight weeks, what was merely a concept will be transformed into an exquisite piece of high-end furniture. When our clients come to us with the desire to create a custom piece of furniture, we first spend time understanding their precise needs.

replant DRD

7. Replant

Anytime you purchase a handcrafted piece from us, a percentage goes to the “American ReLeaf” program, sponsored by American Forests. For each dollar donated, a new tree is planted in areas that need it most. Nature has provided us with insurmountable beauty and it’s our job to protect this gift. That’s why Deadwood Revival Design is actively involved in the restoration of our highly impacted forest ecosystems.

Great Furniture DRD

Green Furniture for life!

Wood DRD


Danny DRD

Daniel Torres

Is the Co-Founder and CEO of Deadwood Revival Design (DRD). He cultivated his passion for salvaging trees while working as a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service. Through his work at DRD, Danny has focused on strengthening the urban wood economy through education, workforce development and mentoring programs. He led the charge to organize and develop the first ever “Urban Lumber Drying Workshop” and is currently working on other specialized training for urban lumber professionals.

His mission is simple: to inspire, grow and support a diversified wood economy that centers around urban wood utilization.

Mitch DRD

Mitch McCormick

Formerly a Firefighter out of Monterey, Mitch grew up gifted in all things technical. Working on cars, fixing broken appliances, working construction; he has always been the go-to guy for hand-crafted projects. Mitch spent six years as a Wildland Firefighter with the USFS before shifting to his true passion; woodworking. The DRD team relies on Mitch for his knowledge and skills with technical cutting, joinery techniques, and innovative problem solving.


American Forests

We may offer luxury-quality furniture and locally sourced urban lumber, but what Deadwood Revival Design truly builds are stories. From our inception, DRD’s mission was to create a sustainable business model based on repurposing damaged, dead, or hazardous wood, and what we have been able to construct over the years are long-lasting relationships between people and nature.

Sustainable Furnishing Council

The Sustainable Furnishing Council is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry. They support our industry by taking immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, reduce other pollutants, and remove unsustainable materials and harmful chemical inputs from all furnishings and their product platforms.


Environmental Center of
San Luis Obipso

Deadwood Revival Design was created in the beautiful central coast of California. Our office and woodworking shop is located in the heart of San Luis Obispo. We are proud of our community and look to give back wherever we can. That is why we joined forces with ECOSLO, who promotes resilient ecosystems and healthy lifestyles in our area. They envision a conscious community that understands and values the essential inter-dependencies of Natural systems, human health, and the local community which actively takes responsibility for a healthy environment on quality of all life in San Luis Obispo county.

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