Handcrafted Furniture & Slabs Salvaged From California's Central Coast. 

Deadwood Revival Design


Who We Are

Deadwood Revival Design is a team of passionate artisans who believe in offering their customers not only the highest quality products, but designs made from 100% guilt free wood.  

What We Do


With our sawmill, we're able to custom cut the wood we use on our projects.


Whether you're looking to have a piece made for your home or business, we've got you covered.


From furniture design to help completing your projects, our expert welder is here for you.

Design Services

We'll work with you to produce a blueprint of your exact design. Are you ready for the creative process to start? 


Looking for lumber for your next project? Look no further. We have a large inventory that's likely to have exactly what you're looking for.

What do we mean by 100% guilt-free?

Our mission is to create heirloom quality furnishings while reducing our client’s carbon footprint. In an era where nature’s beauty is rapidly being replaced by concrete jungles, DRD seeks to restore that connection, bridging the gap with the unique story of each tree.


What do we mean by 100% guilt-free?

In an era where nature’s beauty is rapidly being replaced by concrete jungles, DRD seeks to restore the connection between people and the environment by telling the unique story of each tree through our designs. When you enlist our services, you gain the automatic assurance that each and every piece of wood that we use came from a tree destined for firewood, the chipper, or a burn pile. By using materials previously deemed "waste" we're able to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only that, but we're committed to ensuring that not even a single piece of material is wasted during any of our projects.


Daniel Torres

Daniel witnessed firsthand the terrible aftermath of forest wildfires while working as a firefighter for the Los Padres National Forest.  The sight and thought of these once majestic forests left for dead inspired him to take action.  His need to breathe life back into some of these trees lead him to co-found Deadwood Revival Design, where he was able to combine his passion for chainsaws and skills as a sawyer in the most impactful way. His mission is simple, sustainably harvest lumber in order to bring back to life what was left for dead.


Pepe Sanchez

Pepe deepened his understanding of environmentally friendly design while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from Cal-Poly. Now, Pepe creates designs that not only enhance the space that they're in, but also speak to the people that he creates them for. His design background, high attention to detail, and sustainability practices made him a perfect fit for the DRD team. Pepe pursues his passion of creating innovative designs that shape spaces people can feel.


Mitch McCormick

Originally a Firefighter out of Monterey, Mitch grew up naturally gifted in all things technical. Whether it was working on cars, fixing broken appliances, or working construction, he has always been the go-to guy for hand-crafted projects. Mitch spent 6 years as a Wildland Firefighter with the USFS before he decided to pursue his true passion, woodworking. The DRD team relies on Mitch for his knowledge and skills with technical cutting, joinery techniques, and innovative designs.


Our Partners

Number of Trees Planted Lifetime


Number of Trees Planted This year 2020!


Deadwood Revival Design partners with American Forests in an effort to help protect and restore forest ecosystems across the U.S. and throughout the world. Anytime you purchase a handcrafted piece from us, a percentage of that cost goes to the "American ReLeaf" program, sponsored by American Forests. For each dollar donated, a new tree is planted in areas that need it most. Nature has provided us with insurmountable beauty and it's our job to protect this gift. That's why Deadwood Revival Design is actively involved in the restoration of our highly impacted forest ecosystems.

And Counting!!!


As a member of the sustainable furnishings council, Deadwood Revival Design belongs to a coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry. SFC's mission is to help companies reduce their environmental footprint while helping consumers find healthy furnishings. SFC supports the industry by taking immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, reduce other pollutants, and remove unsustainable materials and harmful chemical inputs from all furnishings and their product platforms.


-Adriana Neal

"The work done for our winery by Deadwood Revival Design completely transformed the look and feel of our tasting room. They helped create an identity for the interior of our space that has greatly enhanced our customer experience. Danny and his team were super fun and incredibly easy to work with. They are very detail oriented, have a great eye for design, and will work hard to make sure you're happy with the finished product. As the owner of a small business reliant on providing a top-notch customer experience, I really can't recommend these guys enough."

-Kenji Conaway

"Dude, Danny’s the man. My Parent’s ash tree, unfortunately, had to be taken out. Luckily for me, I linked up with Danny. This company genuinely cares about the story of my parent’s ash tree, and it shows by the customer service/ advice/ and information I received, whereas other companies had “bigger fish to fry”. I couldn't be happier with the slabs I received, and can't wait to make furniture with the tree I grew up climbing  in."

-William Eck

"With all of the positive changes that have been made to our restaurant, I don't think that any have been complimented on by our customers as much as your work. The Deadwood Revival Design tables have proven to be the number one choice for our customers, we have people specifically save them before they order!  Our customers are always excited and impressed when they learn that the lumber wasn't only milled locally from what would have otherwise been wasted deadfall. Deadwood Revival Design makes something beautiful from something forgotten."

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