Do you want your table legs to become one of the talking points of your home. If so...these original/custom designed live oak legs are perfect for the table top of your choice! We are certain that these legs are on a league of their own. These table legs turn any dining table into a heirloom quality piece. The legs consist of 4 nearly identical live oak steel cut outs (welded together) that are 1/2” in thickness, making the total thickness 2”. Each plate is slightly tapered in certain key areas creating an effect of depth in the notches and cavities found in the tree. As you work yourself to the top of the tree canopy you will notice that the branches weave in and out, literally creating depth among its structures. All table legs are custom and stand at 28" tall. Each leg is roughly 30-32" wide at the top and bottom and have a custom mounting plate with predrilled holes for attaching to the underside of your table. The Live Oak Legs can come in a variety of colors and finish types, so let your imagination run loose, we certainly did when we created them!!! Pricing can be adjusted based on the thickness of steel plate used and complexity of the design. Simpler or more complex patters are available. Contact us for pricing.

Live Oak Tree Metal Dining Table Legs

  • Please refrain from using common household cleaning products as they may cause damage to the slab and finish. Ensure to care for your live edge slab by utilizing a natural wood cleaners. Most times a damp cloth will be more than enough.

  • This product is custom made to order. We make all of our frames in house. What does this mean for you? The process is highly customizable! We also offer several options for steel finishes.

    Have a something in mind that you would like to see come to life? Work one-on-one with our inhouse designer to help breathe life into your vision.