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To those taking the time to read this,

Meet the team. From left to right: Mitch McCormick, Jose Sanchez and Daniel Torres

First we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for exploring our blog.

We live in a busy world full of distractions and people trying to grab our attention. Understanding that, we are honored that you would invest some of your valuable time to read what we have to say!

We are Deadwood Revival Design; team of passionate woodworkers who believe in offering their customers not only the highest quality products, but designs made from 100% guilt free wood. We also believe in sharing information that might be helpful to others. From fellow woodworkers, to DIYERS or anyone looking to benefit form some of the lessons in our 3 year journey. Lessons related to salvaging urban timber, woodworking, steel fabrication, custom design and even some of the struggles of starting a new business. Our main goal is to provide value to the readers by sharing the knowledge we've obtained through research, experience, trial and error and advice from some of our mentors and fellow woodworkers.

Here's a little bit about us. We hope this provides some context of who we are and how we ended up here.

Daniel Torres

During his time spent working as a firefighter for the Los Padres National Forest, Daniel witnessed first-hand the terrible aftermath of forest wildfires. With a strong desire to minimize the aftershocks that these wildfires leave on our environment, Daniel combined his passion for chainsaw work and skills in procedural tree felling, liming, milling, bucking, and fire breaks to establish Deadwood Revival Design. His mission is simple, sustainably harvest lumber in order to bring back to life what has been left for dead.

Mitch McCormick

Originally a Firefighter out of Monterey, Mitch grew up naturally gifted in all things technical. Whether it was working on cars, fixing broken appliances, or working construction, he has always been the go-to guy for hand-crafted projects. Mitch spent 6 years as a Wildland Firefighter with the USFS before he decided to pursue his true passion, woodworking. The DRD team relies on Mitch for his knowledge and skills with technical cutting, joinery techniques, and innovative designs.

Jose Sanchez

Pepe deepened his understanding of environmentally friendly design while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from Cal-Poly. Now, Pepe creates designs that not only enhance the space that they're in, but also speak to the people that he creates them for. His design background, high attention to detail, and sustainability practices made him a perfect fit for the DRD team. Pepe pursues his passion of creating innovative designs that shape spaces people can feel.

Stay tuned, lots of info to come!

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